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    Re: Opinions D610 vs the Field.

    I read Hark's post over and over. I read many other comparisons of the D610 and D750 and they all noted how nice of a camera the D610 is but how much better overall the D750 is. I find myself shooting in low light a good bit and I really don't like the way a flash makes a picture look. As noted, in some places you are restricted to not using a flash at that.

    I've bought off Roberts Camera before. They seem to have some of the best prices and good service. There was a nice D610 I was looking at last night. 11,000 actuation's that they had rated at "Very Good". $440. Really, a good price IMO. Body and battery with charger). Their spring sale was supposed to start today. 10% off. I go to buy that one and it's gone. LOL. They had another with like 83,000 actuation's........ same price......

    This evening I log back on. They have a D610 listed now with 30,000 actuations rated as "excellent" but it's $520 (less 10%). Still a good deal. BUT they also have a D750 listed now. 3000 actuations, "excellent. Box, strap (unused) charger with battery. $760 less 10%. 6 month warranty.

    I figured for appx $200 more the D750 was the buy. I already have a couple FX lens. I imagine I'll be looking for a couple others in time but my D7100 is still working great depending on the situation.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Opinions D610 vs the Field.

    I've bought a ton of stuff from Robert's Camera... I always buy of their ebay site because they always do a BIN with an Offer, and they automatically accept offer for 10% less than the listed price. They are a great Nikon dealer..
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