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    Cool I thought I had a problem

    I just paid off my D600 the other day.Today it started to act up. I thought, "you got to be kidding me." It would randomly shut down. When I got home I tried my other battery and it works fine. Thank you Lord. :-) But now I got to come up with $50 for a new battery. When I got the camera he couldn't send the batteries from Australia. So I bought a cheapy no name to tide me over. Well I guess I got to figure out how to buy a new one. But at least it isn't the camera so I am happy.

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    Re: I thought I had a problem

    Or do homework on what non-brand ones actually work well. My 600 came with 1 chinese battery and it works perfectly fine other than appearing to be nearly dead after 50% of life until it actually is.
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    Re: I thought I had a problem

    I've heard good things about Wasabi batteries although I haven't used these myself.

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    Re: I thought I had a problem

    I have used Wasabi Batteries for several years. I used them in my Olympus E1 and E520 and later in Nikons D7K. With the D500 I use the larger Wasabi that fits in the grip if I remember I had to use a different adaptor that fits the in the grip from the D600 or 800 I think a BL-5 something like that. It does show up correctly in the menu when you check for battery life.
    When he was selling batteries before going to the Amazon store he gave you a choice of Chinese cells or Japanese cells. The Japanese cell were slightly higher in price so I felt comfortable with that purchase. His batteries had more amp hour than the Olympus or Nikon branded ones.
    When I was doing weddings I would rate the batteries so they would get equal ware.
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