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    Nikon D5600 language

    can anyone out there help me? I just got me a D5600 on E-bay and when I got it it came with some kind of Asian language that I DO NOT understand. how do I get my camera into English? Thank you, James

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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

    Menu, then setup menu, thats the wrench symbol menu. Look for language but you might have to go through everything to find something that looks like a list of languages since you can't read it.
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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

    The manual will tell you.
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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

    Jimmy... I understand your plight. Unfortunately, there is no factory reset to force the camera to restart in its initial English setup mode. All the menus are in the foreign language so you can't even navigate thru the menus... What you're going to need to do is watch a few YouTube videos and use the online manuals to determine how many button pushes you need to push to get to the Language setting option without having to read the options... once there, you should be able to see English as one of the options. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

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    Re: Nikon D5600 language

    Wrench Icon is the "set-up menu"
    5th item down is "language".
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