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    Re: Nikon D5600 Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by JH Foto View Post
    I had the D7200 a great all round Nikon camera, it did in the end prove too heavy for me I now use a much lighter bridge camera.
    I went to Best Buy and have to say that I loved it besides that I got scared with all the buttons. jajajjaajajj

    With what you changed it?

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    Re: Nikon D5600 Announced

    Hey guys! Can anyone tell me if battery grip for Nikon D5300 will work and fit on D5600? Thanks!
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    Re: Nikon D5600 Announced

    Well I do agree that Nikon needs to improve in some areas but i did found Nikon D5600 to be quite good camera actually, I followed guide from lensespro website and thanks to their advice i bought one wide angle lens and one macro lens for Nikon D5600 camera and the photos I take now are truly amazing, I did use a couple other cameras that I switched with my friends for my Nikon D5600 but for some reason I always came back to it, maybe because d5600 was my first serious camera but I really love it. I would like to add that lenses are also very important part and you need to combine then both for best results, even tho a lot of people here knows that some beginners don't take that advice seriously and wonder why the camera then spend 2 grand on is not shooting great photos. Well first get other high quality equipment lenses for example and then try to improve yourself..

    Sure there are better cameras on the market but you know that sentence "you never forget your first love". Well for me that was Nikon D5600 and I am having hard time working with any other camera but I do use them from time to time. It all depends from what you want and many other things. Sorry for posting on older thread but I needed to get my opinion out after I saw so much hate for D5600, for me it is one of the better out there

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