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    Post Shooting Model Street Photography & Portraits Questions

    Hey guys!

    Im starting off with photography and will be shooting a model in NYC (just some street style shots as well as some portraits).
    With the Nikon D5300 I have, I also have the lens it came with 18-55mm as well as other lenses (35mm 1.8G and 50mm 1.8G).

    I have only taken photos of close friends and family so Im pretty nervous since I don't really know the person Im going to be taking pictures of.
    We have decided we'll take pics in Soho, however, what are some ways you guys direct your model or your shots and how do you make them feel comfortable without it being awkward?

    As far as shooting goes, which lenses do you guys think would be best for this shoot? The 35mm or 50mm. And if I keep them on Auto will that be okay or will Aperture Mode help? How often do you guys switch lenses during a photoshoot and what else should I carry with me during street style photography.

    I am also pretty short which is a drawback when taking pictures of people taller than me, so how do you guys think I can work with that, especially when it comes to doing portraits?

    Would love any tips or suggestions you have!
    Thank you!!

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    Re: Shooting Model Street Photography & Portraits Questions

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    First off, I would use the 50mm lens and carry the 35mm as well (should fit in a pocket if nothing else). I would also recommend aperture mode and avoid auto mode. Don't know what other equipment you may have, but a remote fill flash and or reflector might be nice, especially if you have an assistant. You can also gain a couple of inches or so of height by holding the camera upside down (might want to practice with this a little before hand). If your model/subject is a pro, then you have little to worry about. Otherwise just try to keep things as light and low stress as possible. Try and make sure both you and the subject are having fun.
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    Re: Shooting Model Street Photography & Portraits Questions

    Welcome to Nikonites.

    I think you should use both lenses. the 35 for full or 3/4 figures and the 50 for close portrait. Think of this as a learning experience and do your best. As for settings, I'd go with Aperture priority since you probably will want to shoot as wide open as possible to get a smooth background that won't be too distracting.

    For direction, just talk and try to suggest things. Depending on how the person is experienced in front of a camera, you should try to propose and create a feel of confidence.

    Get your settings right and then don't chimp, keep shooting. Chimping (constantly reviewing your shots every time) breaks the relationship with the model and isolate her/him.

    Good luck.
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