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    Re: Would a external battery pack and a dummy battery work?

    Sorry, but it's a NiMN.

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry985 View Post
    That is a MIMH pack from what I can see what I'm talking about is a Lipo pack.
    Could a person use a Lipo pack safely with a camera yes they could but if it ever did decide to just go off and catch on fire and it was in your pocket I can promise you that person would be ina world of hurt.

    The problem with Lipo packs is like I said before you only need to dent it or over charge or over discharge it and then you have problems,that being said how ever almost in every case if a Lipo pack has been damaged the whole pack will puff up like a balloon or at one cell will and that's when it get's dangerous.

    I have seen a new Lipo pack that was used only 3 times and when it was being recharged it went up in flames,the pack was never abused and the charger that was being used was used many times before and after that pack so the charger was not the problem,also with Lipo packs if you are charging a pack that has been over discharged the charger will only put a slow charge back into it and that was not the case with the pack I was charging.

    The all being said are Lipo's safe for the most part yes they are very safe but at the same time I'm not sticking one in my pocket because I have seen to many go up in flames in RC cars as well.

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    Re: Would a external battery pack and a dummy battery work?

    That's what trying to say that I thought the pack you pictured is a NiMH and they are very safe but the it's the Lipo pack's you need to watch out for Lithium ION on the other hand are also very safe but because they have Lithium in them they will go in flames very fast as well but the good thing is they are a more stable battery but when it comes to any battery with Lithium if they get a hole in them the Lithium goes up flames.

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