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    Firmware Updates

    I'm a little bit confused about firmware updates. When checking firmware updates here....


    There are "no firmware updates available". The D5100 shows an update for 1.01. Somebody on the forum here hinted that there may be a firmware update available. My camera is running at 1.00.

    Now according to this URL...

    Nikon D5100 Firmware update 1.09 | Nikon D5100

    There's a firmware update available to bring you to 1.09. I know it's for a D5100, but according to the Nikon page, the D5100's latest is 1.01. So, who's right? Is there a later update for the firmware?

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    Re: Firmware Updates

    Do you have a D5100 or do you have a D5200 ?

    Make sure you look for the D5200 and not the 5200 one is a CoolPix and one is a DSLR

    D5200 no firmware updates available
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    Re: Firmware Updates

    I have the D5200. The point I was making was that the blog post says that Nikon is up to 1.09 for the D5100, while the official web site shows 1.01. In the blog post, it says that the 1.09 update is compatible for the D5200....which makes me wonder if I'm looking in the right spot.

    While I haven't had any problems with my D5200, I like to keep things up to date and patched.


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    Re: Firmware Updates

    There are actually 3 different things (numbers) rolled into the updates. The third number is the 1.09 for the D5100 but I don't think you can just upgrade that. It is all part of the original upgrade. If I were you I would only upgrade the correct (D5200) upgrade. If you can download a upgrade for the D5200 then you might try that. The 1.09 may be in there.

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    Re: Firmware Updates

    The 1.09 update that you (and the blog) are referring to is for the Automatic Distortion Control Data function in Nikon software. This update is installed through your computer's O/S and is compatible with all Nikon cameras that support this function Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Distortion control data

    There is no camera firmware update for the D5200.
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