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    Specially for Marilynne

    In my yard this morning. Methinks adult and offspring Barred Owls.

    Specially for Marilynne-barred-owl-1-1010-img_00001.jpg

    Specially for Marilynne-barred-owl-2-1010-img_00001.jpg

    Specially for Marilynne-barred-owl-3-1010-img_00001.jpg

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    Re: Specially for Marilynne

    Thanks Ivan! Brings back memories of Circle B Bar Ranch!

    Got to shoot some down here in April/May. They were way up and mostly hidden.
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    Re: Specially for Marilynne

    Wow, nice captures! I have yet to see an owl in person although they are sometimes around. A few nights during the summer I'd hear them outside my mom's bedroom. And well over a decade ago, I heard there was one nesting not far from here, but I couldn't ever find it. So it's one of the types of wildlife still on my wish list to photograph.

    Coyotes are on the list, too. Years ago no one would have ever considered they'd be lurking in suburban areas.
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