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    D500 and auto ISO issue

    I have the D500 and it works quite well. But every once in a while the auto ISO, jacks the ISO up for some reason. I was shooting today and noticed all of a sudden everything was over exposed. I was shooting the same area and within seconds of the normal shots. Then it went back to a normal range. It went from 2000 to 11400 for about 15 seconds. I was shooting manual and made no changes in settings. Anyone else ever had this happen with this camera of any other?

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    Re: D500 and auto ISO issue

    I would check to make certain that your metering area is NOT set to Spot. When using spot metering, if the spot is on a dark object or area, it will overexpose your shots for sure.
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    Re: D500 and auto ISO issue

    Agreed, I use the same setting all the time and it works fine but will react differently in different metering modes. I do a lot of wildlife so I use Center Weighted and Spot a lot and as long as I'm on subject I'm good. If you use Matrix mode then a small bright subject in a dark area can cause what you're seeing.

    I'd also recommend capping your ISO to avoid wide swings. I keep mine at 4000 or 6400 depending on the situation knowing that if I underexpose I'll generally create the same level of noise in brightening the raw file in post that I'd get otherwise and it avoids the camera deciding to do what yours is.
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    Re: D500 and auto ISO issue

    I use Auto ISO for all my wildlife work with the maximum set to 4000. I've never experienced any problems at all.
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