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    New D500: All Shots Blurry

    I've been shooting for about 4 years now, mostly birds and wildlife. I have a Tamron 200-600 mm and formerly had a Nikon D3400. Loved it. I would put it on Aperature Priority and go shoot all day with confidence. I'd shoot maybe 700 photos per sessions and almost all of them would be ones where the camera and lens did what I wanted, even if they were poorly composed, subject matter not cooperating, etc.
    I am a cheapskate but last week I splurged and bought a Nikon D500. This was a BIG purchase for me. I was/am very excited about it, but 99% of my photos are VERY blurry. It almost looks like the composed image is the a faint picture of one shot superimposed over another picture taken. In most cases, things are blurry, but in some cases, the best ones, and just a little blurry, but still blurry.
    It seems to do the best in situations where I'm shooting the subject and there is very little else to complicate things, but in nature, this rarely happens. If I have that scenario, SOMETIMES I can get a crisp shot, but it is very rare.
    It seems like even a little bit of low light exacerbates the problem.
    I basically started with factory settings and then switched over to aperature priority, but I can't hardly get a clean shot that way, even though that's exactly how I shot 90% of my photos with my D3400.
    I thought maybe it had something to do with all the autofocus settings. I've tried tinkering with those and maybe it seems a little better, but not seeing major progress.
    I'm getting a little worried that the camera isn't quite right. Don't get me wrong, I know I have a LOT to learn and this is forcing me to get to know my camera better, but something just doesn't seem right.
    I've tried restoring back to factory settings a few times, and then flipping over to aperature priority. No dice. I know the problems aren't with my lenses, because I've been using them for years and they work beautifully with the D3400.
    Can anyone offer me any advice? I am super disappointed. I suspect the problem is with my lack of knowledge and I know I need to get better, but I am hoping there is some sort of setting where I can reliably set it and have confidence the camera will be forgiving. I can't find it on the D500, but aperature priority on the D3400 was like it could read my mind what I wanted.
    I shoot mostly birds in moderate to heavy brush. I love deer too and shoot them when I can. I love any sort of raptors and any predators I can get, but they are more rare for me, although I get some. The D3400 was just so wonderful, and now I have this expensive camera that I know can do so much more, but I'm very depressed that I can't even seem to take a non-blurry photo.
    I'd be so grateful for any advice.

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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    Post a couple of pictures of what you're talking about with intact EXIF data... otherwise, helping you understand what you're doing is pretty difficult to do here...

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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    As Fred said we need to see your results including Exif, i didnt think Tamron made a 200-600, is it a 150-600.

    It sounds a bit like slow shutter speed problems, this is why we need the shooting settings.


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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    Agree with Fred. We really need more information to help you out. It is the old saw of a picture is worth a thousand words.
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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    You don't mention shutter speed or focus mode at all in your post. This is very important to know. With aperture priority, you could certainly get a slow shutter speed and blurry pics as the camera tries to set an exposure to accommodate the aperture that you chose. With my Sigma 150-600, I shoot in manual. I pick a shutter speed that I know I can handhold and usually not blur, 1/800. I stop down one stop from wide open for better sharpness. And I use auto iso to take care of the exposure for me. If light is low, I'll go wide open. Can't go lower than 1/800 or I will get blur. I mostly use single point focus.
    Check you manual on how to set up image review so you can see the focus point that was used. You can also check that after the fact if you use Nikon's free software. It sounds more like your shutter speed is low. A picture with data will help figure it out.
    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    what are your images like with a wider lens , what focus mode are you in , try shooting group or d25 in continuous mode , dont be dissapointed the d500 is a spectacular camera you might have a lemon which will be replaced or repaired under warranty , id also recommend fine tuning the lens the d500 has that ability in the menu
    150-600 for sitting birds you should be around the focal length for shutter speed so 600mm use 1/600 double if you can
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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    I agree with everyone else that it would help to see photos with EXIF data. I do not have a D500 but when I shoot birds I use manual and I set the Shutter at 1200 and the Ap at 5.6-7.1 on my Nikon 200-500 and use Auto Iso to address changing light conditions. I do this with on my D7200.

    When I first started doing this I had a terrible time. I found I was using too many focus points. I ended up going to a single point to get comfortable and also using a tripod or monopod. It made a big difference as I was getting comfortable with the lens and camera. I found that the multiple points were more than I could handle initially and everything was in focus but the bird.

    I know that the D500 has a much better system than the 7200, but sometimes I have found that better really means better with some practice. Also, there is a good Ebook out there called Secrets to the Nikon Autofocus System, that I have found very helpful. I put a link below. I really like Steve Perry. His focus is wildlife and I think you would like the book, but even a couple of his short videos might be helpful.


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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    If you are having such issues with the camera, and if you purchased it locally, take it and your lens back to where you purchased it, and let someone from there look at it with your lens mounted on it. If they check it and it's ok, let them give you some insight as to what you might be doing wrong. If you purchased it online or through the mail, look for a local cmaera club and soemone there who can look at it. Whatever you do, do not hang onto it long enough that you cannot return it if there is something indeed wrong with the camera.
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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    One thing you could do for testing is set auto iso up to 6400, shutter priority at 1/2000th and take some tests, you would have to ignore any noise as the high iso would only be set to ensure a high shutter speed.


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    Re: New D500: All Shots Blurry

    Now it would be really nice if we could be sure that @bluegrassman was still monitoring our answers and trials to help him. So I hope he will chime in at some point.

    I think that this might be a case of lens-camera mis-communication. Since Nikon's D500 is probably new firmware, it's really possible that the camera won't communicate properly with the Tamron. I've read that many users had problems with their Tamrons after camera firmware updates. I suspect just this. I would contact Tamron and send them the lens to be updated. They are usually pretty quick to do this kind of adjustments to their lenses.

    I hope all eventually works fine for you.
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