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    D50 Worth Buying

    Came across a D50 on eBay with it's 18-55 kit lens in good condition for under $100, so I bought it to use because of the good reviews and my limited budget.

    Using a shutter count site it only has 2097 clicks.

    Came with battery and charger.

    I think it is a good deal. With 2097 clicks would you say it was hardly used?

    Btw the lens is great.

    What do you think?

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    Re: D50 Worth Buying

    As long as you like it, that is all that counts.
    Post some images when you get a chance.
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    Re: D50 Worth Buying

    D50 was my first Nikon digital. It has some especially nice (unique to the D50) flash capabilities.
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