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    Voice Memo Recording Issue

    Good afternoon all. I use the voice memo feature on my D4s often to record information when shooting baseball (batter if the image doesn't show his number, inning, situation, etc). Recently, when playing back the recorded memos, all I hear is a fluttering sound (almost sounds like helicopter) and very vaguely hear the actual recording if at all. If I speak very closely into the mic while recording I can just barely make out what's being said over the fluttering sound but any voice memos spoken at normal distances or not VERY close to the internal mic cant be interpreted over the fluttering sound. Ive also tried an external mic to make sure that it wasnt just the built in mic and had the same results.

    Any ideas or has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for any feedback

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    Re: Voice Memo Recording Issue

    Didnt even know about this feature, but you might want to check the microphone sensitivity. Im going to have to see if I have something like this on my cameras.

    Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted before recording using the Movie settings > Microphone option in the setting shooting menu.

    If sound levels can be predicted, adjust sensitivity manually so that peak volume does not exceed 12 db.
    Choose Auto if sound levels cannot be predicted in advance.

    I hope this helps.
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    Re: Voice Memo Recording Issue

    Thanks for the reply @TwistedThrottle

    I already tried adjusting mic sensitivity settings by using auto and manual and changing the manual values to lower numbers as well as higher with the same result.

    Speaker doesnt appear to be the issue either because I typically listen to the voice memos with headphones plugged in and the playback is typically on the computer while viewing the images, not via the cameras speaker. But yes, Ive tried both, headphones and speaker on the computer and camera. Same result...
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    Re: Voice Memo Recording Issue

    @badboy38 Have you tried a short video instead? I mean, the audio should be coming from the same place so you might have the same issue, but its something to try. Fingers crossed!

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    Re: Voice Memo Recording Issue

    Sound while recording video is perfect. However, video does not require that you press the voice memo button to record as voice memo recording does.
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    Re: Voice Memo Recording Issue

    Can you post an example? Do one indoors, in a quiet controlled area.

    Just some random questions, thoughts, simple things to rule out: Is it wind noise? Like, wind is blowing against the camera in puffs? Is it handling noise? Like, the sound of your fingers or clothing rubbing over the mic as you press the mic button? Are you in Auto or Manual record? Try one in Manual.

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