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    Nikon D4 and WT-5 set-up


    I have been trying to set-up my Nikon D4 and WT-5 to send files wirelessly to my PC. The WT-5 works as HTTP server but I can not figure out how to get my laptop to see it as a wireless connection on either Wins or iOS laptops.
    I could use some help with set-up? If anyone is in the Las Vegas area, give me a text or call.
    Kevin (702) 860-9065

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    Re: Nikon D4 and WT-5 set-up

    Hey Kevin,

    Any luck? Network stuff is always buggy....I use wifi lights at home, thermostat and for unknown reasons they just crap out then magically re appear .....


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    Re: Nikon D4 and WT-5 set-up

    I have a D4 and a WT-5, and I have never had very good luck getting the camera to connect/transfer to the PC or my Mac. It works well to connect and transfer to my iPad's, but not to the actual computers where I do the majority of my editing. I have tried a couple of different methods of connecting. Using the WT-5 as an AP doesn't work very well. Using an existing WiFi network is okay, but even with full signal strength, it is unstable. I got one of these that I keep in my bag, and it works really well for this. Again, it works well on the iPads, but not so well on laptops. There may be something that I am missing with setting these up, but I haven't had very much success with connecting to computers. I will also say that transfers to the Ipad do work, but they are not fast. For the most part, I stopped using the WT-5 as I am not publishing and have no deadline to publish, so I don't actually need to wirelessly transfer my shots. I keep a cable in my bag, and depending on where I am at, I may or may not have a Macbook Air that I can edit on.

    That probably does not help you at all.
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