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    Any D4s Wedding photogs I can connect with?

    Shooting first wedding with my new D4s this weekend. Would like to share my experience and also get tips from seasoned wedding vets.

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    Re: Any D4s Wedding photogs I can connect with?

    We'll run it through again and see if you can hook up with a D4s soon. Good luck!
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    Re: Any D4s Wedding photogs I can connect with?

    Under experience it says PRO so not sure if its your first wedding or first with a D4...I suspect you mean wedding as a camera is a camera ....all nikons woud be set the same ...Well the D4 is a start but not my choice ...what lens are you using ?? Nikon do not really make a good wedding lens ..the 24-120 is a bit short on the long end so you are left with the 28-300mm. You need to go from a wide of the couple to a close up of the rings ...forget primes and not a good idea to change lenses. Where do you carry the spare ?? Take everything twice at 2fps to avoid blinks.No flash in service and if its a hammerhead flash on the camera then only shoot landscape.Auto iso 200-6400 F8 for everyting no time for chimping o wheel twiddling. (using iso 200 puts the flash at iso 800 when you turn it on....FP 1/320 as well)
    Except when the minister is in control you are the total boss and director of everything that happens..no one gets out of a car or walks down a path without your say so ..A fly on the wall approach just ends up with rubbish.
    So let us have more details of what you are planning so we can advise you.
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    Re: Any D4s Wedding photogs I can connect with?

    I don't have the 's' version, but I have a couple of D4's that I shoot weddings with.
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