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    D3400 - SPORT wthout BURST mode?

    Is there a way to permanently switch the burst mode for the Scene-SPORTS mode?

    I usually take photos in P mode, but sometimes I use the SPORTS mode to conevniently force short exposure times, but I not want to have the Burst mode automatically each time. (Right now, the Burst mode is switched ON whenever I select the SPORTS mode, and I have to switch it off manually.)


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    Re: D3400 - SPORT wthout BURST mode?

    Set your camera's mode to S for shutter priority and single shot. Don't use Scene mode. Set your shutter's speed for 2X the focal length of your lens. Set your ISO to auto, and your White Balance to auto. The camera will automatically adjust the aperture as necessary...

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    Re: D3400 - SPORT wthout BURST mode?

    Thanks Fred!

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