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    Re: Please help: White specs in pics (w flash)

    Please help: White specs in pics (w flash)
    The spots are fairly close to the camera since they are very far out of focus in the scenes that are of distant objects. That means they are moving, are close and random in position. I would guess flying insects or something in the air close to you.
    A bit of advice, if you are in auto exposure mode the flash will pop up and fire but there is nothing that will be brightened close enough to the flash to reflect light from. The popup flash really is not useful for any subjects further away than about 10-15 feet. If in the Green colored Auto mode, and the subject you are focusing on it further than 15 feet, switch to a non-flash mode(most Nikon cameras have another auto-exposure mode that does not raise the flash. In your case it is Non-Flash Auto on the function wheel, the small symbol next to Green Auto that has a line through the flash symbol:Please help: White specs in pics (w flash)-download3400.jpg

    If taking photos in events where there is a stage or subjects further than 10-15 feet, use this mode. The small flash will not help and irritates the other guests and performers.

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    Re: Please help: White specs in pics (w flash)

    Yes it looks definitely like water drops (rain) or dust, which a flash will just highlight any where on the path. Or they can be flying insects.
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    Re: Please help: White specs in pics (w flash)


    Thanks for the responses... I also thought it was maybe dust, but the only reason k was worried it was something else is because I had the same issue the last time I used it in a different location, but maybe it was dusty there too! It was not raining or snowing during either time.

    I agree, I really didn't even need to use the flash. The pictures without the flash came out pretty nice too. The only reason I have it on is because I was using night mode. And honestly I think the pictures come out a little prettier in night mode, so that's why I was using the flash in some of these.

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