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    Live View on PC with D3400


    I'm after a simple answer to what I think is a simple question...

    Can I live view my Nikon D3400 on my PC? I want to use it as a webcam basically. I don't want to go and buy software to do it until I know it can be done. I have digiCamControl and it won't let me live view, although the digiCamControl help seems to say it should work.

    Would really appreciate a straight answer


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    Re: Live View on PC with D3400

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

    Frankly, dedicated webcams are so cheap now, why go through this hassle with the D3400?
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    Re: Live View on PC with D3400

    I downloaded the lastest version of digicamcontrol on my pc to see if I can do live view and it works on my D3400. I tested it on a laptop to I am going to use with my camera out in the field because all of my dark sky objects will be over head for a better picture with less atmospheric distortion you get from shooting toward the horizon. Kinda hard to point the camera when it is point striaght up. Both my pc and laptop is windows 10 pro. Pc I built and laptop is a dell insprion 15 I put together from wholesale parts.

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    Re: Live View on PC with D3400

    I use Digicamcontrol with my D3300 and the liveview works perfectly. Just note that liveview eats up the camera battery pretty fast, so for prolonged use, get a battery adapter. Some thing like this
    https://www.tomtop.com/p-d4780.html?currency=INR&Warehouse=CN&%7Bifdbm:&aid =dc2dynamic&mid=10000008003&utm_source=SEM&utm_med ium=DoubleClick&utm_campaign=$%7BINSERTION_ORDER_I D%7D&utm_adgroup=$%7BCAMPAIGN_ID%7D%7D&aid=gplainc d&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzLb36aL81gIVxpWPCh0Y6QgaEAQYAi ABEgISSPD_BwE
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    Re: Live View on PC with D3400

    I have a D3200 and live view worked with Digicam Control, until the last upgrade of Windows 10, now it won't. Most frustrating, as I shoot through a trinocular microscope, and Live View is essential for me. Any suggestions? BTW, I need this because of the high resolution and full spectrum properties of the .NEF files of the Nikon, dedicated webcams simply do not have what I need with respect to resolution and full spectrum image profiles.

    I guess this really should have gone under the D3200 post but I don't look at the name of my camera very often.
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