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    Re: Nikon D3300 Sigma 150-500 Auto focus issue

    According to an old Ken Rockwell review it should work on that body. The firmware on that lens cannot be updated via the USB Dock, it needs to be shipped to Sigma who will update it for free and ship it back (you just pay outbound shipping). That said, I would try and determine if the "just bought" lens' focus motor is working or not before shipping it off to Sigma and have them tell you it's broken. If it is then I'd try and get it returned if that's possible.

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    Re: Nikon D3300 Sigma 150-500 Auto focus issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Bikerbrent View Post
    A screw type auto focus lens does not have a focus motor built into the lens and it depends on a focus motor built-in the camera body to autofocus. If a lens has a built-in focus motor, then it does NOT depend on the body having a built-in focus motor. If your camera body(i.e. D3300 and D5600) does not have a built-in focus motor, and you have a lens without the built-in focus motor, then the lens will only work in manual focus mode. Hope this help you out.
    Very good explanation, thanx Brent.

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