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    Re: Fish photos?

    I have my work fish tank all cleaned and I put in sand this time instead of gravel, no fish yet as I am going on vacation until the end of the month, just have a few snails making tracks thru the sand.

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    Re: Fish photos?

    Oh no Mr. Bill!!!!

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    Re: Fish photos?

    Fish photos?
    Fish photos?-dsc_0697_dxo.jpg

    Lighting in a fish tank can be fun. I was experimenting here shooting a speedlight into the end of the tank and shooting on the face of the tank. I found that you really need to go to OCF (off camera flash) and light it from the end (or the top sometimes) but never straight on - it just bounces back at you. If Shot on a D610 with a Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, at 2.8 using HSS at 1/4000.

    I have been into fish on and off for decades now - have done the African's and they are among my favourites. The fish here are our pond fish over wintering in a tank in the house.
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