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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    D7200, d7500 even though its a disappointment, d500 if you don't mind the price. All good.
    Don't jones too much for in-camera hdr. We'll have you shooting raw and hdr will be grayed out anyway. I love my Sigma 150-600.

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    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    I wa sstarting over again in January,. I used Nikon's for a long time. I went for the Nikon z50. I think it was the best choice I made so far about camera gears.
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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Thank you all for the thoughtful and helpful recommendations! I too have been doing some research on the pros and cons of mirrorless, and am now seriously considering a Z6 of Z7. I realize they're more expensive than a D7xxx series, but I found some more $$ in the budget and I consider this an investment. I hope to use this camera for many years to come.

    I'm still tempted by the D7xxx, but I think with the new Z mount, full-frame sensor, etc, that a Z series body may give me what I've been missing in terms of low-light capability and sharpness. Any thoughts on Z6 vs Z7? Obviously the extra mega-pixels in the Z7 means I could enlarge these shots to my heart's content, but I'm wondering if it's worth it and if I would be better served with a Z6. I've heard the Z6 is supposedly better with fast-moving subjects and facial tracking with auto-focus. Plus the Z series viewfinder might make shooting and adjustments on the fly faster since it theoretically will already give you preview of what you're going to get. I've never worked with a viewfinder of this nature. Any thoughts on making the switch?

    Finally, if I do decide to go with the Z series, it seems that you should really go with FX lenses (rather than DX) to make the most out of the Z-mount and full-frame sensor. Any recommendations on lenses compatible with the Z mount?

    Many thanks again to all of your for sharing your time and expertise! I'm excited to select and get setup with my next Nikon!

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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Forget DX lenses with the Z6 Z7. You will want to get the S lenses made for the new mount.

    Check this for some up to date Z info on the latest firmware if you are interested in moving subject tracking compared to DSLR's:

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