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    Re: D3100 Tips and settings

    just tried pavementpilot's recommendation or video setting absolutely spot on brilliant and very sharp if only I could keep my hands from moving

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    Re: D3100 Tips and settings

    wont let me select focus mode - I did all the steps in order up to focus mode. My settings are as follows:

    WB - 4
    iso - 100
    metering - center weighted
    active D-lighting - off
    movie setting - 720 @ 25/fps

    Im using a SDXC 64gb memory card. I just bought this camera a few days ago and it is my first DLSR - I bought the kit that comes with the af-s nikkor lens (18-55mm). I have a headache from watching hours of trainng videos today, and Im actually losing patience and time with what I need to do with this camera. I just need optimum settings for clarity. i have tried a million video tests and every time it is blurry. I have changed everything in a mixture of different settings to no avail. Please simplify this process for me by telling me your settings on your camera.

    I will be shooting indoors - for lighting I will be using 1 35watt 5500k photo bulb and a 135 watt 5500k photo bulb. The lights do a great job in the room I need to record in, which is about 12 feet by 15 feet. The walls are white as well so I get good light. I just need this camera to give me clear video, which so far it has not. Please help a new person. I cant sit through months of training yet - Time is a major issue here. I will definitely get my schooling on after I do this video but for right now I need to record....NOW! - Please help me. Thank you.

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    Re: D3100 Tips and settings

    I forgot to add that i need settings for video I dont care at this time about taking pictures...Thanks.

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