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    whats the best mode?

    whats the best mode?
    ok so i go to alot of car shows with my brother and normally when we go we convoy up in a group and when on the motorway people like to have moving shots of there cars. what would be the best mode and settings for my Nikon D3000 to get this effect, so basically bluring the background and keeping the car in focus and having the wheels spining i will give you and example what im looking for :

    whats the best mode?-_dsc0037small.jpg

    somthing along these lines?

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    Re: whats the best mode?

    You don't need a mode to do this. You are in another car traveling at the same speed as the car you are shooting. Slow the shutter speed down to around 1/60 or even slower. In effect the car you are shooting is sitting still with everything around it moving. The 1/60 sec. should give you a sharp shot of the car and everything around it blurred.
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    Re: whats the best mode?

    Manual is always the best mode for everything.

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