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    D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    For a while now, I have been wondering about the D300s, which has the capability of using a SDHC, while the D300 does not. I kinda like it, even being older and only 12 MP. Has anyone used it, and moved up to the D500? I am thinking more for birds in flight photography. I know the D500 is top of the line for that kind of photography, and it comes with a top of the line price tag! If I could get a decent price, for a decent body, should I go for it? I have an autofocus lens or two that will work with it if I need. Right now, my best body is a D5300, I think. Mostly I am curious about the D300s compared to the cream of the crop D500. I am willing to sacrifice the MPs I think if it would be a better choice than other bodies I have. What are your all's thoughts and opinions? Here is a comparison, not sure if it is exactly accurate for specs, maybe just a refresher for some. https://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/side-by-side?products=nikon_d500&products=nikon_d300s&prod ucts=nikon_d5300&sortDir=ascending

    Thank you!

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    Re: D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    I wouldn't ping the D300's CF card slot. There are now CF card converters that take an SD card. I have one for my D300... I wouldn't pretend to compare the differences between the D300 and the D500. The D500 is light years (excuse the pun) ahead of the D300 in ISO range, sensor and processor performance. Just my opinion as a D300 owner.
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    Re: D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    Rob, I owned a Canon 7d which was released the same year as the D300s I believe. They have a fair bit in common so although I have never owned a D300s, I can compare the 7d to the D500 which I now own. At the time the 7D was reckoned to be one of the best non top of the range birding/action cameras on the market.
    Similar to Fred’s thoughts, I can confirm the D500 is miles ahead in nearly every department compared to the 7d.
    I agree with you that they don’t come cheap, however I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed in owning one. The AF tracking on the D500 is amazing.
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    Re: D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    D300 is over a decade old tech. It's not just the megapixel count that does not compare, it's also ISO and noise. For bird in flight, you need high shutter speed and as much detail as you can get. A camera of that generation will just disappoint. The bar has been raised by newer and better camera bodies.
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    Re: D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    Yes, the D300 is really old tech. The D500 is beyond a doubt the best DX camera for wildlife photography. If, however, you can't afford a new D500 (have you considered a good Used or Refurbished D500), you may want to consider a good D7200 Used, Refurbish, or still new on a shelf somewhere. And yes, I would consider a D7200 and skip on a D7500 camera (my opinion)!
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    Re: D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    I never had a D300s but had a D90 which I was told had a similar sensor to the D300. There is a HUGE difference in sensor ability of the newer DSLR's. Do you have a budget price in mind? I know you aren't looking to spend a whole lot.
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