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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Hopefully someone else will be along to offer up a 2nd opinion, but it sure looks damaged to me.

    The AF point is fine, I'm not worried about that. But your LCD display definitely looks backwards. Let's see if we can get some other gurus in here...
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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Man, that looks weird, and I know nothing about the D300 so I can't help you - but nothing about this seems to be acting right so I'd see about getting it looked at.

    My only question would be, regardless of what the LCD's are saying, does the EXIF on the photo match what you have dialed in or what the display is telling you? And if the latter, does that action of things like the meter run counter to what it should given what the EXIF says is active?
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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Not familiar with the D300 line. Sometimes the metering area is select-able in various metering modes. I would make sure it is back to default settings.
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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    That's beyond strange... I would do a two-button reset and see where that got me.

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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    I would start by putting a lens on it and see if it works. I suspect it probably will. Settings can show weird stuff when a major element (lens in this case) is missing from the equation.
    I just hope the Original Poster will confirm his findings when he tries the camera with a lens.
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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    You say you have no lens on when you see this problem. Well...put a lens on and see if the problem goes away! If it doesn't, then I'd say what my colleagues are saying....there's something wrong with the LCD display, and have it checked out by Nikon.

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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Nikon D300s Matrix problem
    Thank u all for your answers . For the moment i have no lens, sold them to buy a 16-85 from Nikon . I will try to borow from someone ho use a Nikon camera . I made 2 pictures, one without lens (changed settings in camera),second without lens after the reset.I will post the pictures here ,maybe someoane wants to verify it . Will post display settings to . Changed firmware again to 1.02 , made a reset to the camera.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Nikon D300s Matrix problem-camerazoom-20141102090551262.jpg  

    Nikon D300s Matrix problem-camerazoom-20141102090650833.jpg  

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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Totally missed the "no lens" part of the equation. For sure I wouldn't be concerned about anything you're seeing with electronics that are attempting to communicate with a missing part.
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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    And the missing part being the lens i guess? I hope there is no problem with the camera. I'm looking for someone in my city to lend me a lens for afew minutes .

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    Re: Nikon D300s Matrix problem

    Before jumping to conclusions you should install a lens onto the camera. The camera is currently unable to meter without a lens, so there should be no definitive answer until you install a lens onto the camera.
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