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    Nikon D1 Help! Help! please

    Hi I'm wonder if anyone can help me i have a Nikon D1 yes its old but has served me well up till now, i also have a D50 and several other DSLR cameras.
    But for what ever the reason i love my D1 and cant find it in myself to trash this camera, visually its in mint shape.
    So here is my problem i had it out two weeks ago snapped about 100 or so shots came home and put it away, so yesterday i picked it up and turned it on and was shocked to see that i have no power.
    yes before you ask the battery is fully charged and here is the strange part when i turn it on it will not light up any of the small screens for camera’s display and programing but it will let me view my photos from my card on the LCD.

    so there is definitely power going to the camera, i have searched the net for similar problems on the D1 but have yet to encounter one like mine, so i thought I’d just give it a shot over here in hopes that someone could please help me or guide me in the right direction.

    P.S. yes i know you can get a used body for around $100 or so but i would like to try and fix mine it has sentimental value if you can understand what i mean.
    thanks in advance cheers.

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    Re: Nikon D1 Help! Help! please

    Long shot- but, the battery is old and may be below some threshold to fully power the camera. Try another battery, or get the AC power adapter for it. I also have a D1, have not used it in a while- but will not get rid of it. I do have the AC adapter for it.
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    Re: Nikon D1 Help! Help! please

    Thanks for the quick reply Brian but i can assure you the battery is full and Ive upgraded mine to a Li-powered one so its defiantly not a battery issue.
    Like i said i can still view photos in the LCD screen.

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    Re: Nikon D1 Help! Help! please

    With the battery: I bought a "third-Party" off of Ebay battery that did not last very long. first thing to go out, the CCD would not get the shot but you could use the camera in review. "A test" of the battery, put it on thr MH-16 charger and set it to Discharge. The discharge indicator should stay on for a long time (hours?) if fully charged. If it switches over to "Charge" within 30~40 minutes or so, the battery may not be delivering full voltage.

    I can power my D1 up using the EH-4 AC adapter, front panel holds the connection. So- I end up being able to use mine on AC only. I'm charging the battery now, will report back. My E3, even older, original battery held a charge up until a year ago.

    Report back: after charging the third-party battery, the Monitor could power up and the top panel. The battery indicator quickly went from "Full charge" to empty. Good luck with yours. This is the sad story of electronics, they tend to go out. I have one 20 year old Digital SLR that I keep working, because it is easy to take apart and clean all of the contacts. If the 80MByte SCSI hard-drive built into it goes, I have a spare.
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    Re: Nikon D1 Help! Help! please

    Here's a link to the D1 Service Manual I found online. I did download it is indeed a manual: https://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx...ikon_d1_SM.rar

    Hope you find some answers amongst the pages.
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