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    Re: D200 power just died

    The cloud in the viewfinder, that's bad.

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    Re: D200 power just died

    Cant add to the advice but welcome and sorry its a bad situation that brought you here.

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    Re: D200 power just died

    How many shutter actuations are on that camera ??? It's been my experience that the weak link in Nikon's cameras are the On/Off switch... Depending on one's habits... the cycle rate for the ON/OFF switch doesn't last as long as the rest of the camera...

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    Re: D200 power just died

    That camera was released by the Nikon Corporation in November 2005. You say you shoot 4 to 5 days a week so it is probably well past the time to get a new modern body.

    You can check the number of shots taken with the body by finding one of the last photos shot and uploading it to https://www.camerashuttercount.com/

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    Re: D200 power just died

    Just so you know... KEH and other Nikon dealers sell Excellent condition, low shutter count D200 bodies on eBay averaging right at $100

    That's below what Nikon will even quote you a repair...

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    Re: D200 power just died

    While this is probably not the answer try removing the memory card or using a different one. On some devices it is possible for memory or shorted HD to cause the device not to boot.

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