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    Best Rechargable AA's for Nikon L820

    I got a few packs of some Duracell 2400Mah cells and thought I would test them seeing as I have never used these cells before and they are awesome that's all I can say.
    I charged them with my Maha 9000 witch is a really good charger because it charge's each cell separately from each other and has a lot of other features built into it I did a review of this charger on this forum just search it out to learn more about it.

    When I tested the cells I used the discharge feature first on my Maha 9000 witch drains the cells to .90 volt's per-cell then let's them rest for so long and recharge's them back up,all of the cells but 2 took more then 2400Mah back into them.
    the 2 that were the worst only took 2350Mah and the rest were at or very close to 2550Mah and 4 cells topped out at 2643Mah or very close to that number,I have read on other forums where guys were using the same charge to charge these same cells found they had 4% more capacity then what they are rated for.

    I think these cells will work out good for my Nikon L820 as it really likes to suck back the juice when you use the flash,also from what I understand these cells are made by Sanyo and are LSD cells witch stands for Low Self Discharge so they will hold their charge a lot longer.

    Duracell Rechargeable Battery | Duracell

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    Re: Best Rechargable AA's for Nikon L820

    Sound like they should work out for you.

    It will always take a little more current to recharge them than discharge could deliver. Recharge is not 100% efficient, and it just takes a little more. Not greatly different, but the exact current to recharge them is not particularly meaningful.

    For capacity, you want to measure how much it can discharge, how much it can deliver.

    But I think that you did exactly that... Not sure what C9000 mode you used.. Discharge mode does not recharge.

    So I suspect you used Refresh mode, which does charge, discharge and recharge, but then what it reports is the discharge mah... which is what you want to see.

    Check the manual about the modes, but I suspect you did well.

    Then, also important, if you want to determine its numerical capacity, you should discharge at a 0.2C rate, which for 2400mah, is 480mah discharge rate. See the Break-In mode for that IEC description (where you enter the 2400 mah rating). But if you discharge batteries faster, you get a false low value. If you discharge them slower, you get a false high value. A little different, depending on rate. The IEC ratings want to see 0.2C discharge.

    I'm not sure how to access the IEC, but see

    See section 5.3 Measuring Battery Capacity

    It references the IEC, and says 0.2C.

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    Re: Best Rechargable AA's for Nikon L820

    I have had very good luck with Ray-O-Vac rechargeables. They recharge quickly and hold their charge for a long time. But like all batteries, they lose a lot of their charge when they get cold and they don't get it back when they warm back up. You just have to recharge them.
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