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    Image settings question L820

    I swear I've looked all over the reference manual for a answer to this but can't seem to find it. It's two highest settings are 16M (4608x3456), however one of those has a star next to it. The only difference I seem to be able to find in the reference manual is that the one with the star next to it has a compression ratio of 1:4 instead of 1:8 & has a bigger file size.

    Can anyone explain to a newb like me, what exactly that means? Should I be using the setting with the star next to it?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Image settings question L820

    I don't know either, but it is used there on pages 31, 32 and again on page 53 in association with best quality compression (larger file size). My guess, it is saying "Look at me, I am better image quality than the other similar choice".

    Greater compression makes smaller files, but at the cost of hurting best image quality somewhat. The largest file is always the best quality.

    You should be using it according to your preference for best image quality, or for smallest file size. (File size only counts when storing it, but it does affect image quality).

    Generally, quality might be "good enough" (we live with whatever we have), but it is never "too good". We always seek the best lens and best camera and best procedures, seeking the best quality. It seems counterproductive to buy and use really good gear, but then convert to poorer image quality with stronger compression just for a smaller file to store it away out of sight.

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    Re: Image settings question L820

    I don't use the higher compression setting. I don't care for how the images look after you crop them down.

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