• Congratulations to dh photphotography, nikonpup, siamthai1, mikew, and wornish for winning the Flowers May Assignment.

    Thanks to all participants.

    Here are the selected photos for our winner gallery:

    post # 12 dh photography:

    Zooming defect in D40 camera-dh-photoraphy-12-copie.jpg

    Post #10, nikonpup:

    Zooming defect in D40 camera-10-nikonpup.jpg

    Post # 94, siamthai1

    Zooming defect in D40 camera-siamthai1-94.jpg

    Post # 56, mikew:

    Zooming defect in D40 camera-56-mikew.jpg

    Post # 43, wornish:

    Zooming defect in D40 camera-wornish-43.jpg

    I hope you all had some fun creating for this assignment and that you learned something while participating.
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