• Great stuff everyone! Thank you to those nine intrepid folks who braved the photographic waters to take up the "Architectural Oddities" Challenge!

    I really enjoyed seeing the unique perspectives each of you took in interpreting this challenge and of course I found the actual things you captured to be very interesting as well.

    As always we had a quite a varied crop of worthy entries which made it very difficult to choose a winner! (that's a nice problem to have though! )

    Let me provide a top-3 list of sorts of my favourite images out of this very strong field of entries:

    #3 - Old Fence by Kim20: (click HERE to view the entry)

    As so many others agreed, your entry of this beautiful old fence was wonderfully captured and indeed was an eye catching structure. Well done!

    #2 - Old school Hawaiian Hale by Shoots808: (click HERE to view the entry)

    The primary reason this particular entry landed in our second spot was due to it's increased sense of being "odd" - greater impact in that regard on the viewer. I found this old Hawaiian hale hut to be particularly interesting and far removed from the ordinary. It certainly captured my interest immediately. Thank you for sharing this!

    Without further ado....our first place finisher:

    #1 - "Natures Architecture" - by Philnz

    What can I say? I loved how Phil stepped out of the conventional thinking and choose a natural oddities rather than a man-made one. Furthermore - it is very ODD looking!! A very interesting looking compilation of mushrooms (?) with a stunning colour and fabulous looking shape.

    So based on "Impact", "Creativity" and "Subject Matter" (3 of the 12 elements I used in judging), Phil distinguished himself from the crowd.

    How about giving everyone a bit of insight into how you managed to choose this as your entry and how you stumbled across this particular find!

    Please join me everyone in congratulating Philnz on his winning entry!
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