• First of all I'd like to thank each of the entrants for taking time out of their busy schedules and submitting and entry - and not just any old entry!

    I must say we received some brilliantly creative entries for this challenge. You should all be very proud of yourselves for coming up with such interesting, well thought-out and of course nicely captured images.

    Given the strong field of entries, choosing a winner was very difficult task. However - for me - one particular entry stood out above the rest and really nailed the theme down perfectly.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the winning entry belongs to AxeMan (Rick) and his "Do What You're Told or Else" entry.

    You'll see how driving while at the same time drinking beer and texting (with the police car's flashing lights in the rear view mirror) will quickly lead to the "or else" component of the image - the graveyard! Very nicely done Rick!

    Please join me everyone in congratulating AxeMan his winning entry!

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    1. 01301johnny's Avatar
      01301johnny -
      I jog every morning and see this and worse challenging my existence.

      I do think the car in this photo will not run for long as the speedo shows 65 MPH and the oil pressure shows 0.

      Great work.

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    1. nikonjim's Avatar
      nikonjim -
      Who drives at 65 in a graveyard??
    1. Dawg Pics's Avatar
      Dawg Pics -
      Quote Originally Posted by nikonjim View Post
      Who drives at 65 in a graveyard??
      The image just shows what happens when you drink, text and drive. Get caught by the cops, or worse, end up in the cemetery.
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