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    Re: Cloud storage...???

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Molloy View Post
    I have at home, a Synology disc station. I back up everything. It’s not foolproof but it backs itself up. I can access it from anywhere in the world as long as I get the internet. No reliance required on any third party you’ve no control over.
    The point is that you have nothing offsite. If you look at the old link, you’ll notice that someone lost all their history because everything was local. I’m a certified disaster recovery consultant and getting data to a second location is a basic concept.

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    Re: Cloud storage...???

    Quote Originally Posted by nikonpup View Post

    ​my laptop has a 2tb solid state external hard drive. My 2 other computers have various size external hard drives and another 5tb drive to back all that up.
    Good luck

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    Re: Cloud storage...???

    I totally get why one would worry about (1) reliance on a cloud provider over whom you may have no control, (2) pay fees for cloud storage and (3) not wanting to risk keeping everything at “home” ie at risk

    As I mentioned I have a Synology disc station that backs up itself...and there are many on the market

    For example, this review came out yesterday:


    If you really want to keep back ups, at a different location, why not use a friend with their own NAS? Reciprocate and then there’s no cost to either of you. Just a thought

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    Re: Cloud storage...???

    Agreed, local storage is good, but a cloud back-up will prevent loss if say, your house burns down, floods or if somebody breaks in and steals all your stuff. That happened to me one time. Had a break-in and they took all my electronics. Fortunately, it was a new computer that I didn't store photos on.
    I am guessing if you have 2 external drives, then your are reducing the chance of loss due to failure.

    I have been using Crashplan, but they have changed the rules a couple times. Had to upgrade to business, then it wanted me to update an old computer to continue keeping that back-up on that one. Considering looking at another cloud back-up. Considering how California seems to be burning down around me, I really need a reliable cloud service.
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