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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    Quote Originally Posted by mikew View Post
    Are you editing the raw files or just converting to jpeg,raw files need editing.
    I'm wondering about this, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcel View Post
    ....Another point worth looking for is the color calibration of your monitor and color profiles (in-camera and within photoshop). Sometimes such profiles if mis-matched can give false information to the printer and this could explain the bluish cast that you are describing.

    Hope you'll be able to calibrate your images to your satisfaction without too much pain and tears.

    Enjoy your Nikon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Horoscope Fish View Post
    I can't come up with an explanation why, once the image is open in Photoshop as a raw file, the saturation would change simply due to it being converted/saved as JPG. I could see how this could be related to a color-profile mismatch between Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, possibly, but not from within Photoshop itself.
    I'm also wondering if this has anything to do with one of my previous questions about shooting in Adobe RGB vs. sRGB. There was a shift in saturation depending upon what devices I used to view the images.

    And going back to Mike's question...if you are simply converting from RAW to jpeg without making any edits, most likely your images will look rather unsaturated with little to no contrast. And they will lack the sharpness of jpegs. That's because RAW images lack many of the embellishments that are applied in camera to jpegs. If you are viewing the NEF's with Windows Live Photo Gallery, you probably won't see the real RAW file. My NEF's tend to look better using Windows Live Photo Gallery than they truly are when viewed with PCC and/or Lightroom.

    If you use Lightroom or ACR within Photoshop, go to where you can choose between several different camera profiles. These are options such as Adobe Landscape, Adobe Color, Camera Landscape, Camera Portrait, and more. You can toggle between them to see the differences. But no matter what, NEF's require editing before converting to jpegs. Otherwise they are lackluster to view.

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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    Quote Originally Posted by floridafan View Post
    My wife is using Photoshop to convert the files from RAW to JPEG. No editing.
    Here's a thought. If you don't post process the photos in Photoshop, why not set the camera up to shoot RAW + JPEG and use the jpeg's for printing. In camera jpeg conversion can be customized to your liking.
    You will still have the RAW files if you need to post process.
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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    When the file was viewed in RAW on the Mac Book the images looked perfect, or required minor adjustments then image was converted to JPEG. My wife has had excellent success with Photoshop and has worked with it for several years. It is possible that the problem resulted from the photo processor which unless we drive 2 hours is Walmart...

    I purchased software today to calibrate her monitor... just trying to eliminate all external possibilities.

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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    So you didn't make the prints yourselfs. Then this could likely be a "third party error" rather than a conversion problem.

    Using ACR and Photoshop should work just fine for converting NEF to JPEG. I use Lightroom and eventhough the raw converter is integrated into the software, it still is ACR. Never had a problem like the one you describe. There is a Nikon software you can download, but I don't think it will give you better results.
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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    Let's make some clarifications so we're all clear about what we're saying.

    YOU cannot see a RAW file. RAW files are simply just data. Any software that renders a RAW file (i.e., Photoshop) renders a JPG image from the RAW file. Some RAW editors (i.e., Nikon's proprietary software) can render the Jpg that you see on your monitor with the Nikon Camera Profiles applied. Most cannot. Those that cannot render a flat looking Jpg that typically requires some adjustments to look like the image that's displayed on the camera's LCD screen.

    When you EXPORT the image those adjustments are applied and added to a newly created JPG image...

    Most RAW editors are non-destructive. That means they do not save changes to the RAW file but instead save the changes/adjustments to what's called a sidecar file. Generally a separate XMP file. That XMP file almost always takes the RAW (NEF) file name... If you delete the XMP file and/or move it so that the editor doesn't see it, the RAW un-touched NEF file gets loaded without the adjustments...

    There can be vast differences between what gets displayed on the camera's LCD and what gets displayed on your computer's monitor depending on many factors...

    Getting a RAW (NEF) camera file to a printed image on a photographic paper can be a torturous journey.
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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    No, you aren't the only one. I have had a multitude of problems with prints, both color and black and white. So, if you get it figured out, please post.
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    Re: Processing from RAW to JPEG

    You may want to look at this guys site about printing. His name is Jose Rodriguez. He has a whole channel dedicated to printing. One of the things I learned is that what you see on any monitor is backlit and what you see on paper is not. It takes some set up to get the colors of the print to look similar to the view of the monitor. This gentleman does explain it better than I can. He has a lot of videos that I found helpful.

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