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    Re: New computer spec

    Quote Originally Posted by C. Hand View Post
    2) As suggested I would have a second back-up drive. Never rely on a external My-book type of drive for back-up storage, I have seen far to many of them fail! When they do they are basically un-recoverable.
    Maybe it should be mentioned that "backup" implies a second copy of the data, on a different disk, so that when one copy fails, we should still have the second copy (on a different disk). We should never have only one single copy of anything important, because as you mentioned, things happen, disks fail. The question is When, not If, and it is always at the worst possible time.

    If the data is really important, three copies (on three disks) is better than two copies.

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    Re: New computer spec

    It does sound like a good machine. If you don't mind sharing, I'm curious to know how much the online retailer is asking for this type of machine.

    For those that don't build their own computers, it can be a pretty difficult task, but it's definitely doable with some research and a little bit of knowledge. I get a kick out of spec'ing, pricing and building my own computers whenever the time comes for a new one.

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    Re: New computer spec

    Quote Originally Posted by Horoscope Fish View Post
    Not sure if serious... CPU's have been in GHz territory for some time now; the i7 is a ~4GHz processor.

    Or am I missing the joke?
    No joke just my bad. I realised it should be GHz when I saw your mail. That said Mhz is at least faster than the KHz in the original spec.

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    Re: New computer spec

    If you can afford a D800 and a computer like that, why are you still using Adobe Elements??? Time to ramp up to full-blown Photoshop at $10 per month. :-)

    I use a 24" HD TV on my primary photo computer. It works great, but I don't print very much at all, so I don't notice any problems. The folks who make Color Checker Passport and Color Monkey screen calibration have had some good online workshops lately. The big pro photographers use these hyper-accurate Adobe colorspace monitors that cost over $1k, mostly by EIZO. I see that Philips offers a 27" Adobe RGB calibrated monitor for only $500 on Amazon. Someday...

    ETA: My experience is that Windows 10 is much less efficient than 7, and if I could still run XP on everything, I would. My PCs with XP are getting all of these warnings from the browsers that XP will no longer be supported by MS or Google.
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    Re: New computer spec

    Quote Originally Posted by traceyjj View Post
    I am about to push the go button on a new computer. (Hubby found an online retailer who will build to order)

    This is what he has spec'd.

    i7 quad core CPU (4kHz) the fastest there is.
    Reasonable compatible mother board
    At least 16 meg of fast memory.
    A 240 gig SSD
    A 2 terra HDD
    A 2 gig reasonable graphics card.
    Extra CPU cooler
    DVD drive.
    NO software

    Is this enough for processing photos from my D800 and using Adobe Elements plus Topaz suite (and be future-proof for a while)... where is it lacking, and what other suggestions of stuff we have missed. I plan on using a 24"HD TV and a 19inch monitor which we already own, and dual boot win7 and ubuntu

    Many thanks in advance.
    CPU - your i7 6700k is more than sufficient
    Mobo - what is reasonably compatible? Don't skimp too much on this as it will degrade performance, and 4 memory slots is usual for these boards (maybe a Z710 socket)
    16GB is fine, but don't get anything more than 2x8GB sticks in dual channel config. None of the consumer boards and CPUs coupled together support quad channel memory currently, and if you buy it as such, you're paying a premium for something which has not real world advantage!
    SSDs in the UK are cheaper these days - another 250GB SSD is <ú50 these days. Consider 2x 120GB SSDs in RAID 0 (striped) confguration for your OS drive.
    A 2TB HDD is enough for a starting point for storage, but add some budget for a backup drive too (external 2.5" is sufficient)
    Not sure what Adobe say is OK graphics card wise, but a NVida 970 2GB card will see you good
    If you can stretch the budget, go for water cooling, or add some case fans (more noise) for air cooling. You can't add extra CPU cooling - only replace stock with better.
    A small case will get hotter quicker, but a larger case will allow some better air flow.
    For your monitor, invest in an IPS one, though what you have currently may suffice in the short run.

    One thing a lot of people miss completely is your environment.
    It's good if you have a super fast PC, but if you're breaking your back sat at it for hours on end then you'll not only feel less wanting to go back to it, but it takes away from other tasks too
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    Re: New computer spec

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Some good information here.
    Tracey Jones

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    Re: New computer spec

    If you are assembling yourself, take a look at the website PCPartPicker. It is useful to ensure your planned components will work together, get an idea on prices and enable you to make some decisions (e.g. more memory versus more storage, better graphics card, etc). Highly recommended!!
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    Re: New computer spec

    Quote Originally Posted by Horoscope Fish View Post
    Quoted for Great Truth.

    Entrusting your precious data to the same physical drive as the operating system is like handing out the keys of the asylum to the inmates.
    When you are working on an image in LR/PS or wherever, does the program that you are working with resides on the SSD drive and then saves the final work on the HDD?

    Other words, all your programs live on the SSD but you save everything on the HDD?
    This is what I'm understanding, but want to be sure.
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    Re: New computer spec

    Quote Originally Posted by Blacktop View Post
    When you are working on an image in LR/PS or wherever, does the program that you are working with resides on the SSD drive and then saves the final work on the HDD?

    Other words, all your programs live on the SSD but you save everything on the HDD?
    This is what I'm understanding, but want to be sure.
    Yes. Windows, Photoshop and all my other applications (browsers, MS Office, etc.) all reside on C: which is an SSD.

    Photos and other important data reside on E: which is a physically separate HDD and E: is automatically mirrored on a third, external HDD drive, as backup.

    This isn't to say data doesn't sometimes live on C: for convenience sake, but simply put: if it's important, it lives on E:. I do this so when the operating system takes a nose dive, and renders the primary drive unbootable, I can reformat and reinstall Windows without losing precious data. Applications can be re-installed, obviously; memories and years of important records can't.
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