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  1. An Ode to my Friend

    This has to be the most difficult days of my life. There are no words that will do justice to what you have imparted to me. You my friend, have been a part of me...
    You came into my life when i entered my teens, an exciting, confusing part of my life as a little bundle of energy.
    You shaped me for who i am today.. silently, yet so strongly
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  2. Photography? Really?

    Well.. this is the first time am 'blogging' anywhere..
    This is something i feel so deeply about that i had to write it...

    Exactly around 8 months back, that's exactly a year after i got married, my wife gifted me a D5100.
    Prior to this, not once had i clicked a pic anywhere.. No photos on my phone, no photos on a Sony digi
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