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Earlier this year I took a short trip to Kinmen. This is a small island off Taiwan Main Island and it is closer to Mainland China than to Taiwan. It is also a place with a rather interesting history. Back in the early 50s, there was a period where China fired mortars almost every day across the Straits onto the island. At that time, it was a show of force between the Mainland China and Taiwan which was backed by the US. Those days Kinmen was out of bound for most civilian and only military personnel were allow to be there. Naturally, as time passes and situation improved, the town starts to develop. Today, it is still a little underdeveloped compared to the main island Taiwan.When I arrived, it was noon and I was out quickly to look for lunch. Taiwan is known for its beef noodle and I quickly found myself in a noodle shop (recommended by the local foodies). There were'nt a lot of customers and I guess was past lunchtime.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-4.jpg

Naturally, I had to order their most famous dish - beef noodle.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-5.jpg

I had better beef noodle elsewhere but I guess it is alright as I was hungry.After lunch, took a short walk about town. It wasn't a big town and there was not much new development taking place. Most buildings were low rise, which I guess were due to Kinmen's past history.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-6.jpg

Also did the tourist thing and went out of town to some of the "tourist" stops. This is a cluster of old Chinese residential buildings that were re-furbished for tourists. The interest here is the architectural design and the overall layout of the building clusters.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-8.jpg

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-9.jpg

Walk about among the individual houses and the back lane.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-14.jpg

Peeped into the back courtyard into the home.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-15.jpg

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-17.jpg

A local resident.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-21.jpg

As the sun was setting fast, walked out of the house cluster to the surrounding areas.Caught sight of this tree - which was support by an interesting iron chain.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-20.jpg

As it was kinda of late I then went back to town and took a few more shots of the town.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-30.jpg

It has been sometime since I last electrical and telecom grid of this nature.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-27.jpg

Next morning, before breakfast I stepped out of the hotel. The night before there were a number of other tourists, mostly from main Island of Taiwan arrived. They too are ready to go out and find out more about Kinmen. But boy, was it foggy that morning. I asked a local, he said it is typical to have thick fog in the morning especially during early spring.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-43.jpg

Made my way into town again and this time into an older part of town for a traditional breakfast of rice porridge. On the way I passed some old shops. Haven't seen shops like these for a while.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-45.jpg

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-47.jpg

An old stone archway.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-48.jpg

Breakfast, at last.. served hot and prepared right in front of you.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-49.jpg

Wonder off after a hot breakfast into a nearby old "Magistrate" building - sort of like the modern day local government building. Here the local magistrate will rule over local matters. Now the building is opened to public and I saw a school bring their young students for a visit.

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-63.jpg

D60 camera issues-ket-kickoff-71.jpg

After this quick walk, I headed back to the airport for my trip back.

Would have love to post more pictures but it seems I have run out of memory and the blog does not allow me to post more. Perhaps till the next short trip somewhere..

​All pictures were taken with D800E with the Nikkor 35mm f/2D.
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  1. crycocyon's Avatar
    My favorite shot is of the beef noodle dish....yum! I really enjoy these views of a world so far away and different, and yet to me a little bit familiar. The alleyway shot is nice too, makes one wonder just how old it is.
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  2. Watch72's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crycocyon
    My favorite shot is of the beef noodle dish....yum! I really enjoy these views of a world so far away and different, and yet to me a little bit familiar. The alleyway shot is nice too, makes one wonder just how old it is.
    That is the power of photographs. It help to give the viewer a glimpse of what the photographer saw.
    I am glad you like the blog. It will encourages to take more photos (if permitted by time and situation) to record my journey wherever I go.
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