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Ok so I am now beginning to realise that my photography is going head to head with my love of computing!! How will it all end, who will come out on top? Who knows but its going to be fun finding out......... and a tad expensive..... looks like I need more overtime!
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  1. Don Kuykendall's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I just merge the two and do a lot in Photoshop.
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  2. Toppers's Avatar
    yup trying the same
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  3. Don Kuykendall's Avatar
    I started out in Electronics and worked in TV for ten years. Left there and went into one hour photo and stayed there for 15 years and managed over 100 labs and ended up owning two. Left there when the one hour boom started to wane and went into computer programing and web design. Now back into TV so full circle. I got burned out in photography after working in it for so long and am just now really getting back into it for fun. The tech side of it is what I really enjoy.
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