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So in the best narrative fashion, time passes....... my photography skills continued to improve, my storage space continued to shrink but apart from the very occasional freelance gig things carried on as before more or less, until a new job opened up and after just over a year a small bonus plopped into my lap, the option was there for an upgrade, couldn't afford a new body but what should I buy?

My overriding need was for a camera that could handle low light, even with a f1.4 50mm lens the D2x couldn't handle stage lighting without flash 90% of the time. SO high ISO capabilities were required, I couldn't afford to change make (If I had I wouldn't be posting here LOL) after a lot of research and reading up the best choice of camera had to be the D700, no increase in MP but the phenomenal low light capabilities had me sold. So after another trip to Ebay (are you seeing the theme here?) a D700 was mine. WOW, what a camera, even using my slightly dodgy lens collection its an amazing piece of kit, so did my images improve? Oh yes.

I also managed a new lens, I had to the collection of Sigma 28-300mm lenses had had their day, I needed something that could match the quality of the D700, so I bought a 50-500mm Sigma, the pair of them together made a lot of things possible.
Which is better D5000 or D700?-moto-1308.jpgWhich is better D5000 or D700?-beat-3488.jpgWhich is better D5000 or D700?-red-cockrock-2013-956.jpg Which is better D5000 or D700?-longlands-0264.jpg

this combination of body and lens was yet another quality change to my images, the lens gave the flexibility for almost any shot, with the backup of the full frame sensor that is capable in almost any light, unsurprisingly this became my preferred combination, sharp, flexible, an all in one package, certainly things looked better, maybe like other pursuits confidence makes a difference but I was on the up, along with getting better at editing in Lightroom.
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