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  1. Why Not a Blog Y8D220

    The 2021 is nearing an end, and the NPS members are counting the days till their Z9 arrives! The best of the best for Nikon users. I personally am going to hold off as I already have the Z7, Z6ii, Z50, and a Fc.

    That said I must say a few features of the Z9 are inviting. First is the elimination of the shutter, gone is the 100+ years
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  2. Why Not a Blog Y8D193

    Opinions on the Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-dsc_2049_balancer-cropperd-smaller.jpg

    So,, trying to insert text, anyhow, I enjoyed using the
    850 and the 200-500 5.6, can see why birders love this combo.
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  3. Why Not A Blog Y4D20

    There is this concept of the universal appeal where one shows photos to people and across cultures from desert to frozen North, and
    the winner is Landscape with scattered trees, maybe a road leading away, perhaps wired into our DNA?

    I do find certain landscapes just trigger appeal, such as

    Macro flash-dsc01540-ice-lake_edited-2-straight-smaller.jpg
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  4. Why not a Blog 7

    First, I keep adding material at the bottom, so, to read the most current entry, scroll down, blog 6 is now too long, so onto blog 7.

    I got my pictures hung at a local shop for first 2 weeks of December. Good timing for the holidays. On a good year, maybe sell 300 dollars or so, not a lot, but any sell is a good sell.

    I Matte/Frame
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