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  1. Why Not a Blog Y4D305

    As some packages show up to my house, I come to grips of being an equipment junky! Yes, collected over a 40 year period, the majority
    in the last 15 years. One good thing, is that photography gear typically takes not a lot of space. I have not gone into the Portrait studio
    mode with back drops, etc, Now that takes dedicated space. ...
  2. Why Not a Blog Y4296

    Sometimes when I am out an about, my attention focuses more on the Macro vs landscape mode, maybe the light is not exciting, or just the mood, but
    another world can open up.

    such as this leaf imprinted from the road.

    Opinions on the Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR-dscf2090_dream-leaf-2-smaller.jpg

    just shot with a prime lens, not a true macro, but ...
  3. Why Not a Blog Y4D288

    I have nostalgia for the original Nikon film SLRs, and still use occasionally the old ones like my F3 Hightop. and I wonder why Nikon just can't
    come out with a similar form factor.

    As a equipment junky I have been exploring some platforms and really like the Fuji form,,

    The venerable Nikon D200-dsc05248-compare-smaller.jpg

  4. Why not a Blog Y4D286

    lately, I have been shifting back to primes, over the convenience of zooms, maybe because I have been doing more walking and running photo

    yes, I carry a camera during runs, so that over a course of a 5 to 6 miles run, i might add in a dozen or so picture during my portfolio. and not suprising
    the lens most often on ...
  5. Why Not a Blog Y4D265

    Some great prices and expect more as Black Friday comes around, and also,, as cameras continue to soften, I expect even more aggressive
    pricing. I think also its a sign of too many camera cameras ,, and well not as many photographers. Ironically, at the same time, almost the
    absolute peak of so many models!,, from awesome compacts up ...
  6. Why Not a Blog Y4D252

    The season is flying so fast,, as the color shifts from green to red to well none,, Each season, one has to grab shots as each
    season presents itselfs.

    so,, while I did not get out all time, I did find some more shots.

    Gifting a D90/D40 camera-dsc03010-fall-tree-smaller-toned-down.jpg

    nothing fancy,, but sometimes coming in closer makes ...
  7. Why Not A Blog Y4D190

    ah Friday,, such opportunity for living and photography!,, notice how I put that in that order,, for me, I think of things I want to do, see, or experience, and
    then make photography an integral part of that experience. I am not saying the camera is an accessory that I may or may not use, I have full plans and
    thoughts of how to use the ...
  8. Why Not a Blog Y4D181

    ooops,, broke a video screen on the outside,, got to be more careful with back packs, one hard edge against the camera, and then pop

    that is what I did like about the D5000, with the flip screen to put the glass on the inside, clever, and really good for protection.

    I shot with my D7000 this week, with an old 300 mm F4,, and ...

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  9. Why Not a Blog Y4D148

    I am such a lens junky,, only because I do love opening up a box,

    Often when I travel,, I strive for the lightest kit possible, lately, I have been traveling with primes lens, like the 20mm, 35, mm 50 or 55, and
    maybe a longer tele.

    I can toss the lens into cargo pants. or ,, a small short range zoom. and a tele, ...
  10. Why Not a Blog Y4D140

    Been having fun with the 16mm fisheye, built so fine, and yes,, totally distorts, but, one can take advantage of the distortion and make
    it part of the composition, Opinions on the Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR-dsc06528-underbelly-bw-smaller.jpg

    sure, it bulges, course if you don't like can also just use the Adobe plug in and remove the distortion,
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