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Amazing, a fourth year wrapping up,, never does slow down, ever.

This weekend I got to use my long tele primes with the 800, just the right combo. The two lens I used
was the 300 F4, and the 200 F4. The first being an Auto, and the Second being the old AI manual.

Both are lovely lens, two of the finest made. I like the tele primes, less weight, and in daylight, F4 is
plenty fast, the drive to 2.8 drives huge weight, and HUGE expense.

the 200 F4 AI is a pure GEM,, the smallest packaged ultra sharp 200 you will EVER have. and
the focus action is well simply divine.

If ever there was a used lens you should buy, it is that one, and they are soooo cheap. from 70 to 150 dollars for
crazy quality.

here is a shot with the 200

best lens-_dsc7482-claw-smalle.jpg

love the lens, and you will too, course, old school,
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