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Be careful this year, photographing events, and protests, you might get swept up an arrested, as slowly the world goes crazy

and criminalizes protest, and you might be thinking you are getting super shots, but might end up in a jail cell, with a 10 year

so,, keep your wits, so sad that we have to worry about stuff like this,

so,, I run down lonely roads, pausing for a moment for a photo.

Nikon 200-400mm f/4G AF-S VR II now available-dsc05439_tree-2-smaller.jpg
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  1. Rotor's Avatar
    Thanks for the warning. I've the same thought and agree with you totally.
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  2. Rotor's Avatar
    Did you take this photo with 200-400mm? I'm surprised because this kind of long lens does not have long DOF and your photo is sharp from front to back. Very nice scene, frame and hang in your living room.
    Thanks for sharing,

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  3. stmv's Avatar
    oh no, this photo was taken with a 35mm prime, a 200-400 would be too heavy to run with, I literally run with a camera in my hand. So, I typically run with small primes, and
    extra primes in a small backpack as needed.
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