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lately, I have been shifting back to primes, over the convenience of zooms, maybe because I have been doing more walking and running photo

yes, I carry a camera during runs, so that over a course of a 5 to 6 miles run, i might add in a dozen or so picture during my portfolio. and not suprising
the lens most often on the cameras is a 35 mm. It just seems like the perfect balance for compositions. I also like a 50 to 60 mm range. and of course
a wide angle. but the ratio of pictures tends to be 10% wide, 70% 35 and rest further reach.

besides the convenience of weight, the other factor is the sharpness of the primes. There just is not much compromise with the primes, vs the
tradeoff that designers have to do for zooms.

Last week, I put several of my larger zooms on,, and I am like yuck, put the 14-24 on,, and hated it. Actually what I hate about the 14-24 is that
after already spending 1200 dollars in repairs, I can tell it is getting bad already. Course if you send it back to nikon, they will blame it on shock of some
sort and charge another 600 dollars their fixed price for touching that lens no matter if it is one small tweak or it all busted up. Of all my lens, I have
to give that lens a non recommend just because it is too delicate for a pro lens, such a shame, because it does produce wonderful images.

so,, if you have any primes, consider going old school primes, and manual control,, and take your time.

speaking of taking your time, my nephew is taking photography as a double major in college, and really good to see them make him use a film medium
format. Every picture has to be well thought out, and I can already see the effect on his digital work too. No longer click click click click click click click
to my one click.

oh,, does anybody want to see an image ???? I'll pick one for the season.

Advantages of the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G over the 50mm f/1.4D-xmas-forgotten-xmas-smaller.jpg
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