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There is this concept of the universal appeal where one shows photos to people and across cultures from desert to frozen North, and
the winner is Landscape with scattered trees, maybe a road leading away, perhaps wired into our DNA?

I do find certain landscapes just trigger appeal, such as

Macro flash-dsc01540-ice-lake_edited-2-straight-smaller.jpg

maybe its the sweep, color, etc, but almost know a shot like this will appeal. but do we all chase grand landscape, course
not, just know the appeal.

I have also been looking at the sublime look, where less is more such as

Macro flash-dsc01565-sublime-2-smalle-r.jpg

but you have to stare at the sublime a bit longer, but, I find these type of shots also appealing

and of course winter is ending, so,, soon the ice will be gone, and spring is coming up!
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