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well, actually, its a few days into Year 4,, last year i wrote only a few blogs, for the first 2 years, i wrote a blog entry just about every single
day, Its really hard to say or know the response, since I get so very very few likes and just a handful of comments over the years.

Yesterday, I did something radical! I purchased a Sony Nex7 oh no,,,, why would a die hard Nikon user buy a mirrorless Sony,,

welll simply,, I got tired of Nikon refusing to come out with an DX sensor mirrorless that with interchangable lens. I waited and waited
and waited. The whole J series was such a joke,, Nikon refused to produce a mirrorless that ate into their low in SLR market.

So,, I went to Sony that produces a DX size 24 meg sensor! basically the same sensor found in the Nikon 7100,, how cool is that. and
with the adaptor, I can use all my Nikon lens,, again very cool.

no no, I am keeping my D800 and other Nikons, I just like also the small in the small belt bag camera, P7000 which is one of the higher in
coolpix, its ok, but the sensor is too small, and it is kinda slow, ok very slow. Does take fairly good images, but can't of course switch lens

Maybe someday, Nikon will come out with a quality DX sensor mirrorless that directly takes the F mount lens with great manual controls
and oh, say a worm drive to drive the older AF lens besides the G lens. but, nothing on the horizon. So, until then, I will make do with the
Sony, and maybe sell my P7000.

I'll be on a photo trip to the Keys soon, so,, will be bringing the Nikon and this Sony Nex7,, for side by side shot comparisons!

so,, onward year 4, comment if anybody actually reads these posts, and I'll try this year to pick up the pace.
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