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The 2021 is nearing an end, and the NPS members are counting the days till their Z9 arrives! The best of the best for Nikon users. I personally am going to hold off as I already have the Z7, Z6ii, Z50, and a Fc.

That said I must say a few features of the Z9 are inviting. First is the elimination of the shutter, gone is the 100+ years of a mechanical shutter, and the addition of that very clever dust shield ... finally. Oh that reminds me I have to scrub my Z7 from my last trip. Next is the getting the AF up to snuff, I get by, and don't miss many shots due to focus, but hey, I will take the best of the breed. I would prefer having someday a Z7iii with the updates of the new sensor, the dust shield, and incredible burst speeds. I like the form factor of the Z 7 over the Z9, but maybe next year.

Finally, I want to again compliment Nikon on the incredible 24-200, seriously folks this is one heck of a lens for travel, or when I want to just have one lens on the camera. I took the 14-30 and this and was in total business. Made traveling sooo much nicer. and trust me
Saving a bit and getting a Sigma lens?-dsc_2737-smaller.jpgthe lens is sharp. Saving a bit and getting a Sigma lens?-dsc_2737-smaller.jpg

oops, uploaded twice, but you get the point, the lens delivers sharp images. I have all the S lens too, and yes they are super, but would they really had made a difference for this shot, simple answer, no. The 24-200 finally delivers on that low cost consumer super zoom that you can take on those once in a lifetime trips, and know you can nail the shot.
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