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The year seven is flying by!

I decided to do a full review of my edited folders which represents a ratio of about 10% of my photos. So, I went thru 50K of edited folders to pick out the photos, so out of the 50K almost 900 made the first cut, and then another round of those 900 to about 150. which is around a 0.2% of photos, which illustrates just how wall worthy pictures are to obtain. Of course after 40 years of photography, I suppose one starts to become fussy. And of the 150, how many really have that wow factor mmmm
10? 15? not sure, but I believe the actual shots that end up representing your lifetime of effort is actually quite small. Sure
1000's of quality photos, but how many shots actually meet the final cut? Not saying this is one of the final 10, but it is in the final 150.

hiya new here-smaller-dsc_1375.jpg
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