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and so the year is now over halfway,, My Z7 is now 10 months old, and Z6 is 4 months or so.

I have become so comfortable with the Z family,, I wonder what mirror DSLRs are anymore, of course I had years playing with
Sony and Fuji,but the Nikon is the best of the systems.

I have to take a breather, no more new equipment for maybe 10 more months!,, laughs, yes, I spent way too much money,
and have zero % finance plans, but between the two bodies, the three Z lens, and then new F mount lens that were G
so I could fill back my AF kit since Z can't autofocus many of my older Nikkor lens.

Oh, and then I discovered just how well Z manually focus, and the amazing line up of Voigtlander lens that are fantastic
on the Z family, so 5 of those, etc etc and you get the picture, the switchover to the Z platform was over 10K,, ouch,

but, I am totally pleased with the set ups, and except for the 20 mm 1.8 G ,, I can't think of a lens in the short term. I am
one happy Nikon shooter.

by the way,, the new 14-30 Z lens, fantastic,

soo,, if you have been on the fence, maybe consider the Z6,, etc.

keep on shooting.

now back to my shooting, since nobody cares about this blog anyhow.
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