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well, just sold 3 cameras, 5 lens, and a tripod, so the selling phase is done, I managed to pay off a big chunk of the initial
purchase. Next step, I put in the pre-order for the 35 prime. That was a big decision. it is not a cheap lens, and I chose
not to bundle, well, because if I did, it could be weeks/months until one gets the lens. On the otherhand, not having one
lens designed for the new mount, really does not made sense. Most pick the zoom, but I am not that much of a fan in kit
zooms, so, I prefer primes. Also the nikkor Z 35 is the smallest of the Z lens made by Nikon. Still not petite, but about
the most petite. Ironically using the converter and a old manual prime yields perhaps the smallest form factor, but pretty
close. Perhaps, the Z7 is going to show up by Friday! Sold out now,, and already months back order. I suspect if this
camera is even half as good as it could be, it could be sold out more then the 850.
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