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Spring!!! its here,, and soon the trees will be exploding in with buds, I am sure in your lands, the buds are already out!

I have a 2 day calss to teach this weekend, the first group are more beginners, so,, a bit more camera 101 lectures, the second group
the next day have been coming for years, so,, less camera 101, and focus on the shooting. Always look forward to the spring sessions.

My nephew will be dropping by with a couple 850s,, so,, going to do some testing with a DF, 800, 850, and even a mirrorless brands
on the same shots. That should be a blast. Let's see if the 850 blows me away,, its a big investment. I am waiting, waiting until a few
refurbish ones show up. Sell, the 800, maybe 4-6 lens, I would like to raise 1400, and then buy a refurbished one for around 2400, with
say a 1000 delta.

One of them is a camera from Poland for 2400,, a gray market. laughs, of course my nephew will get a lot more then I am willing to pay for it. Even
gray market ones are going for over 3K!

I have enough gear now, not to rush for the latest and greatest body.

well,, enjoy enjoy,, the spring shoots!
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